Handcrafted by Artisan's  (540) 932-0008  

TimbeRoof Post and Beam is an environmentally friendly company located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, which handcrafts stunning Timber Frame and Post and Beam Homes that are unique and energy efficient. Backed by over 30 years of experience, our services include design,engineering, manufacturing, erection and review of all timber components.

Today, most people who choose a new Timber Frame or Post and Beam Home be it a traditional or hybrid, do so for the pure unspoiled beauty and distinctive appearance. To accomplish that vision we at TimbeRoof believe each timber has a story to tell and should be chosen and handcrafted for its placement in your Home by a skilled craftsman trained in the art. 

At TimbeRoof we welcome the opportunity to work with you, your architect or design professional in an open collaborative environment, that we feel you will find both efficient and enjoyable, after all, the process of building your dream home should be a joyful experience...

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